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The 24 Hour IT Project Manager Course

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Take Our IT Project Manager Course

The demand for professional Technology Project Managers (TPM) has been on a continuous rise as technology continues to advance. As much as technical skills are essential in today’s world, so are IT Project Managers who ensure the proper coordination of projects that are IT related.

In simple terms, Technology Project Management or IT Project Management is the process of planning and carrying out IT projects, navigating the evolving technological landscape, providing oversight on technology upgrades to improve business operations. In various sectors and fields, IT project managers are needed as industries, companies, and organizations at different levels now rely on technology.

The IT industry is one of the places where you can have a rewarding career. As an IT and technology project management enthusiast, you need to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to thrive in this field. Think IT has developed a course for every IT project management enthusiast. This course encompasses the knowledge you need to get started and establish yourself in the industry. The good thing about our IT project management courses is that you get to learn beyond the theoretical part, as we make learning practical for our students.

What You will learn from Our IT Project Manager Course

 The IT Project Management Lifecycle (ITPM); students will gain an understanding of the inputs and outputs of the Project Management Lifecycle. The IPTM involves 5 basic phases of project management and how the system is managed.

 Systems Development Life Cycle- students will learn the 5 stages of system development.

 A brief overview of popular technology management methodologies; to effectively implement a technology strategy, you need a knowledge of the associated management processes. Our IT Manager course exposes you to the popular methodologies, including Waterfall, Rapid Application Development, and Agile.

 Tips on how to be a successful IT Project Manager- you get to learn everything you need to be successful in the IT industry.

 How to Manage Technology Risks and Issues- an understanding of IT security challenges and tools designed to manage risks.

 Communication skills for the IT Project Manager- you learn effective communication tools including emails, status reports, project plans, etc.

 Managing Challenges in IT Project Management- learn how to deal with Information systems, IT infrastructure, etc.

 Release and Rollback Planning – How IT Project Managers prepare to successfully release new code, infrastructure, systems, and products to their customers.

 Technology Roles and Responsibilities

 Free eBook- our students are entitled to a Free eBook to help through the course of learning.


Our students earn a certificate and 4.5 PDU’s upon completion of our IT Project Manager course. The certification will boost your credibility in the industry and within your own network.

Certifications are important when looking to build a career in technology

Hurry and sign up for our IT Project Manager course to improve your employability in the IT industry.

Course Content

Total learning: 8 lessons / 5 quizzes Time: 10 weeks

Students List


Jose L. Santana, PMP is a successful IT Project Management professional with over 20 years of technology Project Management experience. A Project Management Professional (PMP), he effectively and efficiently manages widely divergent, simultaneously occurring projects and programs. Working primarily in the financial services industry, he is acknowledged for the ability to conceptualize and communicate complex ideas to individuals of all levels.


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  • Jose L. Santana