Managing Your Issues


A few tips for managing your issues…

Maintaining an Issue Log:

  • Assign owners to issues who can resolve the problem.
  • Establish issue priority – Low, Medium, High.problem-solution-computer-buttons
  • Who should work on what issue first?
  • Track issue reported date and estimate target date for resolution.
  • Communicate status to sponsor and key stakeholders in a timely and consistent manner.
  • Review and update your issues log as often as necessary – be consistent.
  • Establish “War Rooms” when necessary. War Rooms are meetings that include the resources that have the ability to resolve issues real time. These meetings can be in person or virtual and is managed by a moderator (usually the PM or QA lead). Issues are reviewed and resolved during the meeting. These meetings usually extend an hour to four hours to all day.

Visit the YouTube video on this subject: