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Business Analysis Basics Course

The Business Analysis Basics Course are beginner-level classes that cover the basics of business analysis. It can be taken by those starting their career in business analysis or even by experienced business analysts hoping to refresh their foundational knowledge.

The course is easy to navigate but comprehensive and in-depth. It includes all basic-level components and a few advanced ones as well. This includes everything from business analysis basics, business objectives, project initiation, methodologies including Waterfall and Agile frameworks, and much more.

The course can be taken by aspiring and experienced business analysts, project managers, team leads, and those trying to acquire ECBA certification.

Best Business Analyst Training Online

The business analyst certification course is the perfect first step if you’re looking for a fruitful career in business analysis. It’s designed for beginners and requires no prior knowledge or experience on your part.

The course is easy to navigate, and it covers a wide range of subjects related to business analysis, including the basics as well as some more advanced aspects. It is designed to serve as your stepping stone in the industry by helping you explore the foundational knowledge you need to begin your career as a business analyst.

It’s also important to recognize that business analysis has become a critical part of project management. Thus, competent project managers must be well-versed in all aspects of business analysis to steer their projects in the right direction. With a business analyst certification, you can grow as an individual while helping your organization with the expertise required for shaping better project outcomes.

What You’ll Learn in Our Business Analyst Certification Course

Our business analyst certification course is based on a comprehensive and well-designed curriculum that covers all aspects of business analysis. Here’s a brief run-down of some of the components this course will cover:

  • Business analysis basics
  • Project initiation and defining business objectives
  • Understanding project documentation through several modeling diagrams
  • Project methodologies, including Agile and traditional Waterfall frameworks
  • Project requirement basics and techniques for eliciting details from stakeholders
  • Requirement specification processes including categorization, derivation, and prioritization

Who Should Take This Course?

Our business analysis basics course is designed in an easy-to-comprehend format and requires no prior knowledge or expertise. Thus, it is ideal for anyone interested in business analysis and wanting to learn more. Frequent participants enrolling in the business analyst training online are:

  • Aspiring business analysts
  • Business analysts who are new to the field and looking for ways to enhance their knowledge
  • Administrators, project leads, and managers that are also performing certain business analysis tasks
  • Those hoping to acquire ECBA certification

Why Should You Take the Business Analyst Certification Course?  

Our Business Analyst Certification Course is comprehensive training designed to help you be a better business analyst. Business analysts are highly in-demand across industries and often companies’ backbone. As a certified business analyst, you’d likely to see better opportunities coming your way, including the following perks:

  • Better earnings—a typical business analyst may earn well over $78,000 annually. With a certification course, your prospects can look even better.
  • The business analytics market is growing at an unprecedented rate—you need to be ready for it.
  • The business analyst training that we offer online is going to equip you with the necessary skills you need to move forward in your career, regardless of the industry you’re currently in. This course is a worthwhile investment for your future.
  • As a business analyst with some degree of experience, you can learn the best ways to make the most of your industry knowledge.

Business analysts are expected to use data to identify problems, opportunities as well as solutions for their organizations. Our business analyst certification course will ensure you’re well-equipped to fulfill this crucial role.

A Description of Your Business
Quiz Module 01: A Description of Your Business
3 questions
A Generic Dual-Career-Path Model
Quiz Module 02: A Generic Dual-Career-Path Model
3 questions
Why Business Analysts Should Model Information
Quiz Module 03: Why Business Analysts Should Model Information
3 questions
Advertising and Promotion
Quiz Module 04: Advertising and Promotion
3 questions
Product Owner as Entrepreneur
Quiz Module 05: Product Owner as Entrepreneur
3 questions
The Product Owner Refactored
Quiz Module 06: The Product Owner Refactored
3 questions
Business Strategy and Objectives
Quiz Class 07: Business Strategy and Objectives
3 questions
Information Model Quality
Quiz Class 08: Information Model Quality 
3 questions
Investigate Situation
Quiz Class 09: Investigate Situation
3 questions
Define Requirements
Quiz Class 10: Define Requirements 
3 questions
Manage Change
Quiz Class 11: Manage Change 
3 questions
Overview of BA Activities throughout the Life Cycle
Quiz Class 12: Overview of a BA Activities throughout the Life Cycle
3 questions
Relationship between Business Analysis and Project Management
Quiz Class13: Relationship between Business Analysis and Project Management
3 questions
Best Way to Manage Conflicts with Business Units
Quiz Class14: Best Way to Manage Conflicts with Business Units
3 questions
The Best Fit for Your Project: Waterfall or Agile
Quiz Class15: The Best Fit for Your Project: Waterfall or Agile
3 questions

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