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Python Programing Basics

The Python Programming Basics Course is a detailed course exploring the many aspects, fundamentals, and features of Python programming. Since Python is one of the most popular programming languages, this course is a necessity for any beginner entering the programming sphere.

The course covers not only Python basics but also the basics of machine learning. Some of the components that are covered are Python data structure, programming concepts, file handling, Jupyter notebook, data visualization, introduction to machine learning, Python libraries, and much more.

The course is perfect for beginners and seasoned programmers hoping to switch from other programming languages to Python.

Learn Python—Basics, Fundamentals & More

The world has transformed tremendously in the past few decades. This transformation is most evident in our industries and how operations have been digitized in recent years. This has made Python programming one of the most in-demand skills by employers today.

This also makes our Python Programming Basic Course a must for you. Our python learning course is one of the most uncomplicated yet incredibly detailed courses available to learn the fundamentals of Python programming. Regardless of whether you already know how to program, are a complete beginner, or need to learn some advanced Python features, this course has you covered!

We strongly believe in personal development, which is why the course to learn Python programming basics takes a hands-on approach and teaches you the fundamentals of Python programming in more practical terms.

From installing Python to understanding command line basics and running Python codes, this course will help you navigate the ins and outs of machine learning and Python programming in incredible detail.

Why Learn Python

Python is currently one of the fastest-growing programming languages, with no signs of stopping in terms of growth or popularity. It’s also one of the simplest programming languages, which makes it the perfect opportunity for beginners hoping to enter the fascinating programming universe.

Additionally, it’s crucial to highlight the demand for Python skills across industries where Python has established itself as the third most sought-after programming language. Python developers—both new and experienced, have a whole range of opportunities waiting for them when they enter the job market. Their prospects are only expected to improve with this rise in web development, data visualization, machine learning, and data analytics.

Areas Covered In The Python Programming Basic Course

Think IT Project Management’s Python Programming Basic Course covers everything from Python basics to machine learning basics. It’s a beginner-friendly course covering the following components:

  • Python Basics
  • Python Data Structure
  • Programming Concepts
  • Python file handling
  • Jupyter notebook
  • Data Visualization
  • Python libraries for data analysis
  • Introduction to Machine Learning

How And Where Can You Apply Your Python Knowledge

  • The course will teach you how to use Python to resolve problems and streamline tasks.
  • The course will also guide you on advanced Python features, including timestamps and collections modules.
  • You will be able to create GUIs using the Jupyter Notebook system.
  • You can also build programs and games that are based on Python libraries.
  • It will also help you work on Python-based projects that can become a part of your portfolio.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Beginners, i.e., those who are completely new to programming
  • Programmers who wish to switch to Python from a different programming language
  • Beginner and intermediate Python programmers that want to enhance their Python knowledge and skillset

And have we mentioned this incredible Python Programming Basics Course, based on 9 lectures, is available at the best price you’ll find online? It’s the perfect opportunity to enter the amazing world of programming and machine learning and a new skill to your resume!

Lesson 1 – Python Syntax & Basics
Python Basics
10 questions
Lesson 2 – List, Tuples & Sets
List , Tuples & Sets
Lesson 3 – Programming Concepts & Loops
Lesson 4 – File Handling
Lesson 5 – Conda and Jupyter
Lesson 6 – Data Visualization
Lesson 7 – Pandas
Lesson 8 – Machine Learning
Machine Learning
10 questions
10 questions
Lesson 9 – Python Project

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